We’re sure you would rather be surrounded by home comfort than live in a care facility when given the choice.

Why Intercare has the best Health care homes services across uk –

Outstanding Healthcare homes in UK

Across England and Wales, Intercare operate high-standard, personalised care homes. We have on-site management consultants that provide advice and implement the very best systems for the smooth running of residential care homes. These systems include solving compliance issues, the provision of quality care, fixing staffing solutions, dealing with crisis management and much more.

Expert Crisis and Consultancy Management

Intercare provide management consultations or in-house operation evaluations to help determine the help you need, whether that be a management process put in place or a crisis management solution. We have a specialised team that can be utilised to get any home back up and running and we can take responsibility for non-compliance notifications and establish on-site training. Our management team can provide on-site advice and packages to get your home back on track or as an on-going quality assurance tool.

Intercare have a range of registered nurses that are assigned to create care plans for individual patients and a wider plan of action to help your home operate at its best. Our staff will liaise with regulators and social services representatives to ensure clarity, accuracy, and compliance is achieved in the shortest and most sustainable time scales to suit you.

New Registration or Variation

We are equipped to handle any kind of variation or new registration for any one of your care homes. Intercare is also experienced with setting up new care homes as well as rejuvenating already established properties that may need help.

Business Development Executive and Property Department Head

25 years’ experience in worldwide care home business development and investment via private financial institutions & investment funds. 17 years’ experience in healthcare finance operations and a high level arbitration with financial institutions, specialising in procuring off-market propositions at below-market values. Specialist agents (national and international) acquire land to build care homes, as well as buildings to be converted to care homes.

CQC Management Executive

Our CQC Management is overseen by a fully-registered NVQ4 level nurse. We have over 10 years of experience caring for elderly patients with Dementia. Our skills include but are not limited to all types of residential rehabilitation for brain injuries, mental health sufferers and ailments of the aged. We understand how the NHS, social services and regulatory bodies work and know how to form positive connections to enhance the relationship between care homes and these organisations.

Recruiting the Right People

 A well-trained, self-sufficient, trust-worthy group of staff members is of the utmost importance to Intercare. When you have the best professionals in their field, your business runs efficiently and cost-effectively. We have a talented recruitment team that select both permanent and temporary staff for all our clients to adhere to their needs. We can arrange for nurses, healthcare assistants, team leaders, ward managers, care home managers, all ancillary staff and more. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any help you might need.

The Latest Technology and Business Support

 Intercare can help acquire anything your care home might need, including the latest equipment or help implementing IT plans. Equipment and strategies are the cornerstone to any business. Innovative healthcare techniques that are rolled out will be increase productivity and efficiency across the board to provide the very care available.

We can offer risk assessments, source staff, manage logistics and assist with any issues you might be facing with our team of experts. We are ready to elevate your business, at your request.