How to deal effectively with dementia behavior problems in seniors?

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Dementia is a physical condition that is very often misconstrued as a disease associated with memory loss. Although memory loss is a part of dementia, it is not just limited to that. It is an umbrella...


How to improve mental health of seniors?


Old Age is a time of rewind to the childhood age. You almost retrace every step taken towards maturation. Your body and mind slowly start disobeying and you will be compelled to resign from an active ...


Essential Developments for Care Homes

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Due to the rising demand for bespoke care services for chronic conditions like dementia, and the changing market dynamic that favours upmarket holistic packages, there is a need for restructuring assi...


Fostering empowerment in mental health care homes

mental health care

With symptoms of mental health disorders increasingly marginalized and negatively stereotyped, as well as the growing concerns surrounding care quality and ethics, it is essential to establish a whole...


Steps for Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Many people only know to tell the elderly not to fall, and even blame the elderly for being careless after they fall. There are many reasons for the elderly to fall.  Falls are the result of m...