A Proper Medication Management System for seniors


As the age continues to grow, the function of various organs in the human body gradually declines. Majority of the aged suffer from chronic diseases of varying degrees, such as hypertension, diabetes,...


Myths about Your Risk for Alzheimer ’s disease

Dementia Care

A word from INTERCARE Certain Myths surrounding Alzheimer’s disease may cause misunderstanding and even worry about this situation.It is easy to understand how the myth of disease develops an...


The Importance of Quality Care Homes


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to caregiving, and while the NHS favours the provision of excellence in-home care services, elderly citizens with specialized needs must be provided with an empo...


Top health benefits of exercising for the elderly


Exercise isn’t just about bodily exertion; it represents a positive, “can-do” state of mind that yields vast benefits, especially for adults in their golden years.  Here’s why older adults need t...


Best tips for Dementia Care Workers


To ensure the premium quality of life for elderly loved ones afflicted with different stages of dementia, caregivers need to be emotionally and physically fortified for the rewarding challenges of the...