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Dementia is a physical condition that is very often misconstrued as a disease associated with memory loss. Although memory loss is a part of dementia, it is not just limited to that. It is an umbrella term used to describe various conditions related to the deterioration of cognitive abilities, memory, psychomotor abilities and logical thinking. Dementia is very commonly found in elderly people and includes diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

Dementia is a condition that causes uneasiness not only to the person suffering from it, but also the those associated with them. The person often exhibits aggressive and violent behaviors that causes great agony to those caring the patient. At Intercare, one of the best dementia care homes in UK, we understand the psychological condition of the patients and give them utmost care with empathy.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for effectively handling those suffering from dementia behavior problems.

What to do?

  • Be empathetic towards them. A person with dementia may behave very strangely, without logic or reason. You must consider this as a part of his disease and try to think from their perspective.
  • If possible, allow them to associate with what makes them happy and comfortable. Try to create such situations.
  • Identify the reason for their aggression or fear and divert their attention from the same towards something happy.
  • Observe closely what makes them happy and unhappy. Repeat what makes them happy and avoid the other. Also motivate others to follow the same strategy with them.

What not to do?

  • Try not to feel irritated for the actions of persons suffering from dementia or maintain ill feeling towards them. Consider it just a part of their disease.
  • Don’t initiate argument with them. It will only make them more aggressive and increase tension and anxiety in them.
  • It is futile to use logical explanations to a dementia patient. They understand feelings and emotions better than logic.

Care with love and empathy

Caring someone with dementia can be a very painstaking task that will test our patience and mental strength. Through closely monitoring the person’s behavioral patterns and employing the right strategies, you can make caretaking much easier. Intercare is one of the best dementia care homes in UKproviding total care to elderly people suffering from dementia. Our supreme dedication to this noble cause has earned us the recognition of one of the best care homes in UK.

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