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Old Age is a time of rewind to the childhood age. You almost retrace every step taken towards maturation. Your body and mind slowly start disobeying and you will be compelled to resign from an active social life towards a more secluded life. This sudden change and isolation from the normal life that you cherished will be even more traumatic and agonizing for most people.

Although medical science has advanced a lot, we do have certain limitations in preventing old age and its after effects on the physical body. Butwe have evolved many techniques that are effective in improving the mental health of seniors to a great extent.

Here are a few tips practiced by our experts at Intercarenursing care homes in Liverpool that has helped us to improve the mental wellbeing of our inmates.

Mind workout

People are well aware of the importance of physical workout in keeping the body healthy and in shape. But it’s equally essential to exercise your mind regularly if you want to keep it balanced and in good condition. Daily mind workout will stimulate your brain cells and helps to avoid cognitive decline during aging, thus keeping your mind stay sharp and focused at all times.

A few of the major training methods that we follow at Intercare care home providers, UK are as follows:

Reading:Old age people should devote at least half an hour a day to read some books they love. The genre of the book doesn’t matter. This will enhance their brain cells and alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety.

Writing:Spending a minimum of half and hour daily to write something (it may be even taking note of what you read) will help to keep the psychomotor domain active in seniors.

Language learning:Learning a new language will be a very thrilling activity for seniors as human beings always love novelty in their life. 

Music: The power of music in reducing stress and enhancing brain cells is scientifically proven. Apart from playing music, we at Intercare care home providers in UK motivates our inmates to learn music and other instruments.

Puzzle games: There are various brain stimulating games like chess, ludo, puzzles, sudoku, quiz etc that stimulates the brain and encourages socializing among seniors.

Regular exercise

Apart from daily mind workout, it is absolutely essential to do regular exercise so as to keep the physical body fit and energetic. The importance of daily workout in maintaining physical and mental wellbeing can never be overrated. For elderly persons, it would be good to choose some low impact exercises that won’t put extra pressure on their fragile muscles and bones.

We, at our nursing care homes in Liverpool provide the inmates with workouts like simple yoga, walking, stretching and swimming thathelps to improve oxygen level, reduce joint pains and increase the level of happiness inducing hormones in the brain.

Stay Connected

Isolation is a major problem faced by elderly people as they won’t be able to adjust themselves with the fast life style of young people. Their physical and mental limitations to communicate with others keep them alienated from their own family members. So, its important to help them stay connected with their peer groups.

Today, we have the assistance of technologies like mobile phones and social media that can help seniors to stay connected with their old friends who are physically living at a distance. Creating friends’ group through social media platforms can be a great way to remain young even during old age.

Maintain a hobby

Every individual will have a list of activities that they cherish to do during free times. For most people, a busy work life might have put an end to many such hobbies. Old age is the perfect time to do all those activities at your own pace. For some people, these hobbies can even be turned into small earnings like handicraft, painting, pencil drawing, writing, clay modeling etc. This will keep them active, engaged and energetic all the time.


At Intercarenursing care homes in Liverpool, we motivate our inmates to volunteer for some organizations or groups that work for social upliftment. Most of them find contentment and a sense of purpose in volunteering for a noble cause. This opens up a great possibility for seniors to remain social and feel valued.

Let’s celebrate old age

With a change in social circumstances, it’s difficult for youngsters to devote enough time and energy to take care of the elder ones in their family. Even if they want to, a busy schedule may prevent them from spending time with parents or grandparents.

But this should not be a reason for them to feel isolated and neglected during their old age. Our dedicated staff at Intercare care home providers in UK ensure utmost care and comfort for our inmates and helps them to make old age a celebration of life.

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