Dedicated team

Intercare is equipped with a dedicated team of healthcare specialists who can be allocated to your business to provide management consultation or in-house operations and crisis management solutions. We can take responsibility for non-compliance notifications and establish on-site training with our Head Trainer, who has more than 30 years’ experience. Our Management Executives can provide on-site advice and packages to get your home back on track or as an on going quality assurance tool.

  • Our specialist team of Registered Nurses can be dispatched to administer care and create patient – centered care planning for your care home(s).
  • Our Team will directly engage with regulators and social services representatives to ensure clarity, accuracy, and compliance is achieved in the shortest and most sustainable time scales.


It’s a unique service for hospitals and care homes which have an immediate need to implement improvements to patient care in order to meet CQC regulatory standards, whether they are in a position of approaching CQC inspection, seeking to improve their rating, or delivering an independent audit review to ensure their service remains at its premium.
We recognise the common challenges presented to hospitals and care homes following a CQC inspection. The immediate need to react to a poor rating often causes resources to be further stretched, taking management and frontline staff away from regular day to day activity, which ultimately further impacts patient care.
Failure to achieve a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ CQC rating is often due to common challenges such as staffing, training, clinical practice, governance, pharmacy and environmental issues. The impact on service reputation of a published report with a rating of ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’, reduces confidence in the service, leading to loss of business and revenue and ultimately, the inability of a service to respond to these challenges could result in job losses or even closure.

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