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LIVERPOOL, England, April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As COVID-19 swept the world at an alarming rate, Intercare took swift and necessary measures to ensure the safety of its staff and residents. With its stringent contingency plan, Intercare has been able to operate smoothly amidst the global pandemic.

COVID-19 is a newly discovered strain of coronavirus. It has spread across the globe, infecting over 700,000 people, with the elderly being most at risk. With this vital piece of information about the emerging virus, Intercare put the following procedures in place to safeguard every member of staff and every resident.

Protecting the welfare of others is of the utmost importance to Intercare and they are well prepared should the crisis develop further. Dedicated rooms have been sectioned off in their homes to allow for relevant quarantine and isolation of anyone displaying symptoms.

With their homes being occupied by the most at-risk age group, they have added extra security measures, including taking the temperature of everyone entering an Intercare building. They also have regular anti-bacterial gel check-points throughout that are mandatory to use for all visitors.

A hand-washing routine has been put into place for staff and thorough viral infection training has been issued to every Intercare member of staff.  This reminds staff to not touch their face, protect themselves and others around them by limiting contact and to stay home if they feel unwell in anyway. These measures are to ensure the safety and the care of their patients are not compromised in anyway due to COVID-19.

The cleaning and laundry plan have been intensified even further to ensure every Intercare property is completely disinfected and kept contamination free. All waste products are properly disposed of and surfaces are diligently cleaned throughout the day.

Disposable paper towels, PPE masks, aprons and gloves are stationed around each home, with staff and visitors being encouraged to use and wear them whenever possible. Signs are placed by these stations to remind everyone of the correct way to use utilise and dispose of these items.

With these safeguards in place, Intercare stands in good stead to weather out COVID-19 with little impact. Vulnerable elderly people, already receiving care in a medical setting are less likely to contract the virus; but Intercare have taken these extra steps to be as certain as possible that their level of care is always gold standard.

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