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According to the World Health Organization, approximately 40% of people who go to the hospital with symptoms of various diseases have the depressive syndrome. In society, little attention is paid to this issue, they try to close their eyes, but the problem does not go away from this.

Let us have look at the common causes of depression found in older adults.


One of the main reasons for the development of a depressive state is rejection of the situation of one’s own ageing. In connection with the general ageing of the body, physical weakness and difficulty in self-service are constantly growing. Due to the fact that with age there is a weakening of vision and hearing, difficulties arise in communicating with other people, a person becomes lonely, remains alone with his problems and thoughts.

Disease interference

With the increase of age, the elderly suffer from more chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, gastric ulcer, arthritis, diabetes, etc. These diseases often last for a long time and the treatment effect is average. These will make people feel powerless and immobilized and helpless depression. This is also one of the main reasons why the elderly suffer from depression.

Family reasons

When the elderly retired, their children also started families, organized families, and left home. Many elderly people live alone and do not want to be a burden to their children, living alone. Families in this situation need to pay attention to spend more time with the elderly and accompany them to relax and talk to prevent the occurrence of depression in the elderly.

Triggered by drugs

Many elderly people need to take multiple drugs regularly to treat their physical diseases. Some drugs can aggravate or cause symptoms similar to depression, such as cardiovascular drugs and drugs forHigh Blood pressure and Parkinson’s disease. However, the side effects of each drug vary greatly among individuals, so the degree of depression caused by the drug will also vary significantly.

 Adverse life events

With age, adverse life events occur in life: widowhood, loss of friends, lack of physical strength, severe or chronic disease, loss of health, loss of brainpower, loss of job, opportunity, status, and gold. All of these are psychologically unbearable for the elderly, and they feel sad for the loss. If this continues, it will increase the occurrence of depression.

Psychological fear

Different people have very different fears about death and the process of death. Most people are more afraid of the loss of freedom of movement due to disease, pain and discomfort, death while sleeping or death while waking, what is death more than death itself. For some people, death itself is more terrifying. When they die, everything is given to a little-knowing power, a power that does not know where to take it.

Character reasons

The personality of the elderly has a great relationship with depression. Introverts are prone to depression, and those with strong personalities are also prone to depression. The elderly are reconciled to doing nothing after retirement, which leads to a pessimistic view of helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness. Personality reasons can also lead to depression.


Depression is a serious mental illness. We need timely prevention, treatment and assistance. Institutions like INTERCARE, one of the prominent care-home providers in the UK, can pay more attention to the elderly persons, monitor their condition and help them to maintain health and a positive attitude.

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